No “Special Rights For Gays And Transgenders.”

Bryce Reeves, SD 17

Senator Bryce Reeves is so homophobic that even his fellow Republicans accused him of “gay bashing.” He criticized one of his Senate colleagues for being gay and left the Senate floor rather than vote for an openly-gay judge. He repeatedly opposed nondiscrimination protections, calling them “special rights for gays and transgenders.”

  • Attended an NRA town hall just weeks after the mass shooting in Virginia Beach and repeatedly opposed commonsense gun safety reforms

  • Openly cheered for the Supreme Court to overturn the Affordable Care Act and vowed to undermine it in Virginia, then voted against Medicaid expansion, denying 8,200 of his constituents access to affordable health care

  • Joined the Trump campaign team in Virginia and ran a campaign for lieutenant governor that echoed Trump’s fearmongering about refugees and immigrants