“Now Crybaby Politicians Want To Expand Medicaid. I Say No.”

Siobhan Dunnavant, SD 12

Senator Siobhan Dunnavant ran for office because of her fanatical opposition to the Affordable Care Act. In the Senate, she voted against Medicaid expansion, denying affordable coverage to 6,600 of her constituents while lambasting supporters as “crybaby politicians.” Now she’s running from her conservative roots and trying to hide her extreme opposition to affordable health care and women’s rights.

  • Dunnavant, an obstetrician, is so opposed to reproductive rights that she believes IUDs are “abortifacients” -- contrary to common medical practice

  • Voted to allow conversion therapy for minors to continue in Virginia

  • Was endorsed by the NRA and repeatedly voted to kill sensible gun safety legislation -- including universal background checks, a ban on high-capacity magazines, and a red-flag law